About Us


We are a London based agency that strives to help businesses grow and consistently connect to their target audience using outstanding websites coupled with personalized digital marketing strategies to increase revenue for companies in finance through online channels.

We are a company full of young professionals. And Because our average age is 25, we understand what is best for your business in this digital age!


Bammy started Louanna Social in February 2019. Before that, he was a corporate finance consultant for 4 years managing over 150 clients. He took a leap of faith and decided to start his own business.

The name “Louanna” is a blend of his youngest sister name “Louisa Hannah”. Family is the core of everything he does and every client he brings on, he wants them to be a part of this family Louanna Social.

With his marketing and finance experience, he aims to help businesses in the financial services industry, grow and understand the benefits of digital marketing and the positive impact it can have on their bottom line.


Without understanding each other we can never truly help one another. We believe we first have to understand your needs and your business before you can understand what we can do for you. At this point, we can both succeed.

No hidden fees. No contracts. No sales pitch. Just 100% honesty. This is the way we run our business and we feel we can build long-standing, positive and mutually beneficial relationships.

Results are what you’re here for. So we promise to bring results and repay your trust with whatever service you use us for.

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