Fast Track Courier is a company providing delivery and logistics services. They approached us and wanted to systemize their work flow to achieve their goals in an effective way.

Here are the main features & functions we developed for their app

  • Admin can do the following:
  • Manage shop and their info
  • Manage routes and delivery prices
  • Manage orders and assign orders to drivers
  • Track drivers and order status
  • View order information such as customer signature etc
  • Generate and export various reports via a single click
  • Shop owner can do the following:
  • Create bookings
  • Track live driver location
  • Track order status
  • Generate and export reports
  • Driver can do the following:
  • See list of assign orders
  • Calculate shortest routes for deliveries
  • See order details and delivery addresses
  • Get customer signature over via along with picture
  • Driver can update profile information

Do you want a app like this?