Website Redesign

If you’re here we’re guessing you’re either not happy with your current website or you’re not getting the results you expect from it. Trust me we understand, because we’ve been there ourselves. Whether you’re looking for a better feel, generate more leads or want a website that looks good on all devices, we are here to provide you with a service that caters to all your needs.

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Here’s what you get

  • Understanding you, your business and your target audience

    First, we work with you to have a complete understanding of your business, your brand, and your target audience. Then we build a bespoke professional website, with that in mind.

  • Responsive across all devices. SEO Optimised.

    All our websites are responsive to all devices. this is important because most people will view your website not just on their computer but on their phone too. And because we build our websites with SEO in mind from the start, your site will have a massive enhanced online visibility.

  • Backend Admin Panel

    We only work with growth-orientated businesses. And because we know you’re one of them, we know your site is going to evolve. So our admin panel allows you to have the freedom to make changes and create regular updates in-house.

How much does it cost

  • No two projects are the same and because we tailor our work to make sure you’re 100% happy, prices do vary. However, website building and developing services start at £300.


We can build e-commerce websites with full capabilities to take payments via, debit, credit, PayPal and stripe. We can also build complex websites with multi functionalities. In terms of price, it’s hard to say because it depends on how many products you’re looking to have initially and what type of website you’re going for. But again our website prices start at £300.

A website with purely information of the company takes 10 - 14 days to complete. Anythingg more like an e-commerce or something more complex will take 4weeks or more dpeneing on the complexity.

The website is 100% yours, once we’ve built and migrated it over to your domain, you are in charge.